Minimise customer complaints with better ordering

Tools for a smoother workday and happier staff

sales forecasts
Sold-out tracking
Past sales
Trend analysis

Avoid manual calculations with AI-generated forecasts

Say goodbye to hours spent forecasting - our algorithm analyses patterns in your historical sales, weather, seasonality, and much more to accurately predict your sales day-by-day

Forgot to order? No worries, we do it for you

Savvie automatically places orders for you based on your upcoming sales forecasts so you never risk running empty if you happen to forget

Get all your past numbers all in one place

With one single click, you can access all of your historical sales information, past orders, previous waste, and much more

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As a new manager, it takes a while to learn the ropes, but I have everything I need in Savvie, and I’m up to speed in no time!

Katie, Store Manager
Savvie has helped me:
Save hours of time spent forecasting each week
Increase my bottom line by 20%
Understand how I should order on holidays
Signifcantly reduce my store’s waste
Store in a 
touristy area
+300 customers a day
Recieves two deliveries / day
Many business orders

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