Close in record time with automated waste tracking

All you need for a stress-free workday

Auto sold-out
Record customer orders
Notes for better communication
Auto waste

Say goodbye to manually counting waste

Using our integrations and your delivery confirmation, we automatically populate your waste log with what’s left over in your store

Forget about tracking when products sell out

Because we know exactly how much of each product is left in your shop, we also know exactly when each item sells out, so you don’t have to keep lists of sold-out times

Communicate better through Notes

Say goodbye to clunky communication solutions that clog up your phone. With Notes, you can also communicate with your whole team - all in the same tool.

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Before Savvie we had to count our waste and write it on pen and paper, now the app just does everything for me

Paul, Barista
Savvie has helped me:
Get a better overview of sales and waste in the shops
Get an overview of the waste in our shop
Close quickly with helpful automations
In a business district
Small Cafe
Delivers to customers
Mostly sandwiches

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