Check the pulse of your business with a single click

Never miss a beat with real-time insights on:

Total sales
Sold-out situations
Cost of waste
Store preformance
Product trends

Stay relevant with real-time demand trends

Are your customers' preferences shifting? Savvie helps you make the right decisions to secure your business’ long-term growth.

Create a better customer experience with fewer sold-outs

Savvie helps you optimise your product mix so that every customer walks away with what they came for. Cut down on missed sales opportunities and keep your customers coming back for more

Motivate your staff with targets and goals

We understand the value of an engaged workforce. With Savvie, you can set targets and KPIs for each of your shops for store managers to review regularly.

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“Getting an overview used to be a nightmare, I had to manually add up all my numbers - now I can relax because Savvie does my calculations automatically”

Abelene, Owner & CEO
Savvie has helped me:
Easily communicate with store managers and staff
Get a better overview of my waste
Easily track performance across all stores
Total sales
1-5 shops
Selling through third-party apps

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