Get orders, products, and insights all in one place

All you need to make the right decisions in the kitchen

Product sales
Real-time orders
Best / worst sellers
Menu engineering
Waste insights

Plan production based on sales trends

With data, we help you make the right decisions to improve your bottom line - no more trial and error

Develop products that help you grow

Your recommendations are personalised for your specific shop so you don’t need to account for the changing variables

Review orders as soon as they come in

Numbers are boring - that’s why we do it for you. With a single click, you can get the numbers you need just when you need them

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As a product developer, the menu engineering function helps us understand how our products perform and which ones we should consider cutting out

Andre, Head of Product Development
Savvie has helped me:
Get a better overview of sales and waste in the shops
Ensure that labour and ingredients are used efficiently
Track new products to see how they sell
Production bakery
Delivers to 15+ stores
Many custom orders
+70 different products

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