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We know that running a shop (or several) is no small feat, you’re always on the go, and a moment to breathe is a rare luxury. That’s why we’ve created an all-in-one digital assistant that sits in your pocket and helps you with your most critical tasks.

Data-driven insights for your bottom line

Say goodbye to manual calculations and gut-feel decision-making. Savvie leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you make the right calls to improve your bottom line.

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AI-generated sales forecasts

Strike the perfect balance between selling out early and having lots of leftovers with our custom-built sales forecasting algorithm

Automated ordering

Ensure that you always have what customers want to buy by directly to your production facility or via an integration to your ordering platform

Sold-out tracking

Track when products sell out so you never miss out on another sales opportunity

Past Sales

Understand how different items are performing in real time by tracking sales and sold-out trends

Smarter waste tracking

Reduce waste by setting waste targets, following trends, and seeing unsold products in real time.

Product trend analysis

Understand what’s selling and what’s not, see products that are increasing in popularity and ones that are decreasing in demand


Reduce waste by setting waste targets, following trends, and seeing unsold products in real time.

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We’re connected to systems you already use

Point of Sale

To be able to have the best experience with Savvie, we recommend integrating directly to your POS. We are constantly integrating with new systems, so we can do it for you as well.

Delivery & Operations

Already using an ordering system or other external delivery tools? We've got your back. We can integrate with the systems you need.

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Performance mointoring

Understand how the different stores in your chain are measuring up in terms of sales and waste, compare year and year performance and more

Menu Engineering

We help you better understand your products using a framework to optimize your pricing and selection so you can earn more

Product Trends

See graphs of a specific product’s sales or analyze sales trends across entire product category, review best and worst selling products

Store Performance

Zoom in on an individual store to see their numbers in detail and how the various products in their shop are selling

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