How we can help

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We take the guessing out of running a food business so you have more time to do what you do best 

Taking out the guesswork
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Our powerful algorithms provide you with customized recommendations and real-time insights about your business

Know what you don't know
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We help you minimize waste and reap otherwise missed opportunities so you can build business that’ll be booming - even in the long run

Build a stronger business

What you can do with Savvie

Look into the future

Savvie helps you forecast smarter by leveraging machine learning algorithms which combine data with industry insights to provide you with better sales predictions - so you'll always be prepared to meet customer demand 

Get personalized insights

We use your own data and inputs which are tailored to your shop in order to give you insights which are tailored to your business - so you know exactly what you need

Know what’s in stock

Savvie makes it easy for you to keep track of what’s coming into the store at all times, with the ability to update the your item list when things are damaged or not delivered

Track what you waste

With Savvie we not only give you insights on what you sell, but also what you don’t sell.  We enable you to keep track of what and how much is leftover at the end of each day so you can optimize your ordering


We’re currently building integrations with the leading systems in the
food business - reach out to us to see if we’re integrated with the systems
your business is using