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We know that running a shop (or several) is no small feat, you’re always on the go, and a moment to breathe is a rare luxury. That’s why we’ve created an all-in-one digital assistant that sits in your pocket and helps you with your most critical tasks.

Data-driven insights for your bottom line

Say goodbye to manual calculations and gut-feel decision-making. Savvie leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you make the right calls to improve your bottom line.

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AI-generated sales forecasts

Strike the perfect balance between selling out early and having too much leftover with our custom-built algorithm which analyzes data patterns to generate your sales forecast.

Automated ordering

Ensure that you always have what customers want to buy with our automated orders. Orders can be directly to your production facility or via an integration to your ordering platform.

Real-time product monitoring

Understand how different items are performing in real time by tracking sales, waste, and sold out times for each individual product.

Smarter waste tracking

Reduce waste with our automated waste tracking feature which allows you to set waste targets, follow trends, and see unsold products in real time.

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“Savvie is an assistant who gives you confidence by helping you find the ideal numbers for ordering”


“Savvie is so easy to use - and allows me to have so much more control over what’s going on in my store”


“Savvie tells me exactly what to order so I don’t have to spend hours thinking about it”


“Savvie saves me alot of time, now I no longer have to worry about counting waste!”


“Savvie is such a smart app and saves me a lot of time at work - I can see all my numbers all in one place!”


“It’s super easy to log deliveries, and the waste is automatically calculated at the end of the day!”


“This is going to be a major


“Savvie will revolutionize the way businesses operate in the food industry”

-Rev & Abelene

“When growing a business, you need simple, intuitive, and reliable solutions, Savvie is just that”

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Åpent Bakeri wins big

One of the earliest Savvie adopters, Åpent Bakeri, an artisanal bakery chain with 16 locations, continues to streamline operations while improving performance with Savvie.

Since using the app, the chain has experienced significant improvement in earnings. Store managers report shaving numerous hours off of their work week that they now spend engaging with customers, and the management is now able to monitor the real-time health of the business with a click of a button.





70 %


80 %

better forecasts

“The sold-out function is super useful”


Store manager

“It’s super intuitive, a child can use it”


“Now i use 40% less time to do ordering”

Store manager

“It has helped me better my ordering habits”

Store manager

“I’m blown away by the accuracy of the predictions”

Store manager

“Savvie really helps me sell more and waste less”

Store manager

“It’s amazing to have everything in one place”

Store manager

Wondering what Savvie can do for your bottom line?

Call us nerdy - but number crunching is our jam. If you send us your numbers, we’ll calculate the potential impact that Savvie can have on your business - free of cost!

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