Empowering food  businesses to thrive

Everyday we help cafes and bakeries reach ambitious revenue goals while significantly reducing waste.

60 % of food businesses fail within their first year

And less than 20% make it past their 5th birthday. The main culprits? Inefficient operations, a lack of business acumen, and a reluctance to adapt to new technology. But fret not, we’re here to help you avoid all these common pitfalls.

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Built on best practice from over 60 businesses

Ordinary bakeries operate with high waste percentages, manual processes, top-down decision-making, and they rely on “gut feeling”.

Savvie encourages users to establish industry best-practice from the industry leaders. Best-in-class bakeries focus on efficiency, data-driven decision making, understanding insights, and listening to customers.

Our app helps you become an innovative industry leader.

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Savvie helps you to

Nurture loyal customers
Match inventory with demand
Reduce waste
Improve store preformance
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