We empower our customers
to build more sustainable food businesses by

Boosting profitability,
Streamlining operations,
& Reducing waste

Our story

Our story starts when we met in Antler's start-up generator program and immediately connected over our passion for sustainability and our determination to build a company which makes a positive impact - not just on the economy, but also on the environment.

We love food and were shocked to see the hundreds of tons of completely edible food which are thrown away by food businesses on a daily basis.


Reducing food waste is one of the most impactful ways to fight climate change - and through Savvie, we are taking responsibility to actively work towards eliminating waste.

We're helping bakers and cafe owners leverage data to increase sales and optimize production, so they can focus on what they do best - making delicious food!

Together with our talented and devoted team, we're slowly moving the needle by helping food businesses everywhere reduce waste, boost profitability and streamline their operations. 

- Jess & Puteri


Say hello to our team

Puteri  🇮🇩

Co-founder & COO

Jessica 🇺🇸

Co-founder & CEO

Ingrid 🇳🇴

Graphic & UX Designer

Agnieszka 🇵🇱 

Data Science Lead

Erlend 🇳🇴

Data Scientist

William 🇳🇴

Data Scientist

Jacob 🇳🇴

Data Scientist


Our Advisors

Anne Worsøe

Business Expert

Managing Partner at
Farmhouse Capital

Trond Riiber Knudsen

Strategy Expert

Faculty at McKinsey

Kris Riise

Growth Expert

CEO & Co-founder of Unloc

Jan Grønbech

Innvoation Expert

15-year Google Norway
Country Manager

Mathias Hovet

UX Expert

Co-founder of Heydays, Wanda & Goods

Anniken Fjelberg

Marketing & Brand Expert

Co-Founder & CEO at 657 Oslo

Gunnar Bakke

Domain Expert

Director of the Norwegian
Bakers Association